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What we do

We gather multiple generations of black families together to beautifully document, celebrate, and share their legacy through films and photographs.  

Whether you're from Birmingham, Barbados or Banjul, your family's story is unique and deserves to be documented. 

Heartfelt Films & Photos

for Black Families Worldwide

During film sessions, we'll interview 2-3 family members sharing stories as they comb through family photos and albums.

Share your stories

We want to capture the authentic connections between mothers and daughters, pop pops and grandchildren, aunties and uncles.  Families typically plan an activity and spend time laughing, interacting, and just having fun. 

It's a blessing to have multiple generations of your family alive at one time.  Through your experience with The Black Family Photo Album, we'll bring together the youngest and the eldest to share wisdom and unearth the stories you want future generations to remember. 

The Experience

to intergenerational films & photos

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        We celebrate ancestors who laid the foundation upon which we build, learn, grow, heal, and evolve.  



The gathering of family is sacred. Whether it be for the holidays, the family reunion, or Sunday afternoons- coming together is a a time to build bonds and create lasting memories. 

02 — We believe that Black people across the African Diaspora are intimately connected.  So many of our ties show up in the way we come together within our families.

The wisdom of elder generations is a precious gift to be preserved and passed down.  


Our Values

What we believe

I love listening to family stories and looking through old family photos. They’re a source of connection, a bridge between the past and present. Between what is and what was, and in a way, they lay the foundation for what’s to come.

I created The Black Family Photo Album as a way to bring together multiple generations of black families to intentionally preserve and share our stories for future generations.  I want you to have photos of your mom with her grandbabies.  I want to create space for you grandfather to share his life story on film. I want to preserve their voices, laughter, smiles, and memories.  I want our children (mine and yours) to know their history and always remember the legacy of their family, and the everyday people who were part of it.

My hope is that the storytelling photos and films we create together will bring your family together in the present and build a bridge between current and future generations so they’ll know the full richness of their heritage and legacy. 

I can't wait to meet your people.

As a child, I treasured Sunday afternoons in my father's kitchen. 
He’d prepare delicious and spicy traditional dishes from his home country, Sierra Leone, and I’d listen to him tell stories. They’d be stories of his childhood and the time he spent growing up in Freetown, before he emigrated to the United States. These stories would be rich with history and details of the people he called family- many of whom, I’d never meet. 

When the stories became good, he’d break out his old photo albums and we’d scour pages of tattered black and white portraits. How amazing it was to see pieces of me in the faces of these people. My eyes, my nose, my smile. With every cursive name and date scrawled on the back, they came to life, and I felt a connection to people who were part of me. 

 These were my people.

Yvonne Simms, Founder & Chief Creator

A daughter of the diaspora

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