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Welcome to The Black Family Photo Album blog.

Yall! I’m excited to share that The Black Family Photo Album website is live!!!! For the past 3 years, I’ve had a vision to document and share the stories of black families worldwide.  There’s been a heavy press in my spirit to do this, as over the last few years, we’ve prematurely lost many family elders to COVID-19.  Many are aging and transitioning to becoming our ancestors.

I created The Black Family Photo Album to intentionally gather multiple generations of black families, to capture and celebrate our stories through intergenerational family films and photographs.   I’ve combined my passion for storytelling, a love for black history and culture with over 10+ years experience as a family photographer and filmmaker.  I work with each family to craft beautiful storytelling images and interview family members to document the history, authentic moments, and memories on video. 

If your family has 3 or 4 generations living, what stories or wisdom do you want to capture and pass down to future generations? The Black Family Photo Album can help you (your mother, your grandma, your uncles “a’nem”) do just that. 



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